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Shira’s Suite is a specialized beauty suite that focuses on providing everyone with a luxury beauty experience. Weare afull-service salon that can transform youfrom head to toe or maintain your day to day beauty, so youshine daily. Shira’sSuite’s is where youcome to fall in love with yourself and where “Beauty is Empowerment”.Ourexpertise and knowledge will bring out every client’s soulful glamor for any occasion. Come and visit our salon and fall in love with yourself all over again!
What is Make-up Artistry?
Make-up artistry is someone who transforms the human body and face for a multitude of events and activities. They use their talents and tools to improve a person’s face and body using various techniques and make-up brands to achieve a desired look. They often see their clients as a blank canvas and seeks to improve their client’s beauty and handsomeness with a professional attitude and environment. An MUA can cover imperfections or provide dramatic makeup depending on the need and occasion. 
What is a Hair Stylist? 
A hair stylist is a person who colors, cuts, and styles a person’s hair. With a variety of techniques and looks today, we can transform a person’s image instantly using simple to complex methods. From the many color options, haircuts, and styling options, a great hair stylist should have the ability to create a desired look quickly and professionally with a realistic goal in mind that will protect and care for a client’s hair. We also seek to maintain a client’s hair health and provide them daily care routines for beautiful and luscious hair year-round.


About Shira Tran

The moment I saw my aunts getting ready for a girls night out, the trajectory of my life changed forever. I observed them doing their hair and makeup and something sparked inside me.  Seeing their transformation inspired me to pursue beauty as a career. I started learning makeup at 12 years old in classes that were accessible to me. Stores like MAC and the beauty departments at Macy’s and Dillard’s showed the basics and gave me a foundation for everything I know today. It was at this point in my life that I fell in love with everything related to beauty, and how beauty forever changes and uplifts my clients.
As a traditional Asian American, I was born in Riverside, California and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when I was 5 years old. Nonetheless, I have strong New Orleans roots and I believein the soulfulness that beauty and fashion contain. Growing up I was expected to be great by attending college and having a title for myself. I then decided to become a dermatologist but that wasn’t what I was called to do.  I attended two months of college, but the beauty and fashion industry continued to call me. From there, I made a final decision to follow my heart and pursue my cosmetology license. 
I initially went to pursue my license for makeup artistry but hair styling fell into my lap. I acknowledged that hair could also transform people and give people as much confidence as makeup.  Since becoming a licensed cosmetologist in 2011, I passionately seek to empower men and women through an energetic and fun approach to beauty. It’s all about energy for me and I infuse soulful glamour into all my makeup application and hair services. I have styled countless weddings and photoshoots and I continue to expand my horizons. 
After finishing beauty school, I was determined to be excellent at my craft. I started shadowing another stylist shortly after receiving my license but was met with resistance. She was unkind and unwilling to teach me anything. From there, I knocked on over 10 beauty corporate doors to be turned away from all but one; Rusk Pro. Rusk Pro allowed me to become better at my craft, so I could help new and emerging beauty students be excellent in ways I wasn’t helped in the past. Since 2013, I am a Rusk Pro designer specializing in educating others in hair coloring basics techniques. 
“The key to successisto shareknowledge; to open as many doors as possible and givepeoplea chancethat I repeatedly wasn’t given. I wantto bring out everyone’s beautyand makeyou fall in lovewith yourself every timeyour eyesmeetyour reflection.”
“Beauty isEmpowerment”is undoubtedly mymottoand I wantto eagerly share that with everyone I touch. I want every client’s sensual allure to emanate utilizing my impeccable skills and expertise.

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