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Beauty at Your Fingertips

Luscious Curls



(360cut, shampoo, conditioner, light treatment, scalp massage, styled)


(360cut, shampoo, conditioner, hot towel, scalp massage, styled)

Add on

Deep Treatment 45+

Touch up -100+

(color refresh, shampoo, conditioner, glaze, styled, dust ends)

Highlights- (partial)-175+ (full)-225+

(color refresh, shampoo, conditioner, glaze, styled, dust ends)

 Fashion Colors- TBD

Updo Special Occasions -85


(shampoo, conditioner, light treatment, scalp message, any choice of styled)

Simple Style- 35+

(curls or flat iron)

Keratin Treatment



Full -300+

(5-6 months)

***Rates are subjected to change with notice, depends on density/length of hair. ***

Model Fusion



(sculpting face with deep contour and highlighting, cream foundation, eyes, lips, cheeks, lashes)


(lightweight foundation, eyes, lips, cheeks, lashes)



Eyebrow Reshape-15

Eyebrow Tint-20


Full Facial Wax- 45

Serious Model


Extensions:  Classic – 165 
                       Refills- 65+                 

                    Hybird- 195
                       Refills- 75+

                    Volume -225
                        Refills- 95+

Lash Extension Do's and Dont's

 After your lash extension appointment it is important to take good care of your lashes. Your lash extensions will save you a ton of time on not having to apply mascara and with a few simple ways to care for them to keep them looking beautiful, shiny and not loosing any lashes that aren't a part of your natural lash cycle. You will have about 120-150 lashes applied per eye and fills or touch ups are recommended every 3-6 weeks depending on the type of lashes applied.  However, some choose to come each week or everyother week to just have a quick touch up. Below you will find a list of  Do's and Dont's that will help extend the time between fills as well as what you MUST stay away from that could potentially damage your lashes.  Your lashes should look and feel completely natural if you experience any irritation, swelling, redness, pinching or any discomfort please contact us immediately.

DO- Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment.  This will allow the adhesive to fully cure.

DO- Avoid steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and hot tubs for 48 hours after your appointment.

DO- Clean your lashes with oil free cleanser apply to lash brush and gently comb through from base to tip rolling the want in upward motion to separate and curl and then gently rinse brush and same as before comb through.

DO- Use a sealant, which is sold at the spa, it helps to protect lashes from humidity, moisture, and prolongs life between fills. May be applied right after your appointment and then every two to three days. This is especially recommended for anyone doing hot yoga or going on vacation where you'll be in water and hot sun a lot.

DO- Avoid sleeping on your face and you may even have troubles loosing a few if sleeping on side and your lashes are rubbing on pillow. You can use a sleep mask.

DO- Rinse your after working out or any activities you may do that cause a lot of sweating especially if outdoors and wearing sunscreen. Avoid sunscreen around the eye zone. This prevents natural oil build up. 

DO- Brush your lashes in the morning after your shower and if you chose to wear mascara use sparingly and NEVER use waterproof.

DON'T- Tug on your lashes and do not pull out any of your lashes this can damage your natural lash causing it to be pulled out at the root. Do not remove lashes yourself this needs to be done by a professional.

DON'T- Play with or constantly feel your lashes. Your hands have natural oils, dirt and germs and every time you touch your lashes you are transfering them to your lashes, and the natural oils on your lashes can break down the adhesive as well.

DON'T- Use a lash curler, using a lash curler can not only damage your natural lashes but can also breakoff the lash extensions. You can use a heated lash curler with real mink or real fox ONLY if you use a heated one on the silk lashes it will melt them.

DON'T- Have your lashes tinted or permed after you have had lash extensions. If you are choosing to tint your lashes they must be done a few days before your lash extensions are applied.

DON'T- Sleep with mascara on. Make sure if you chose to wear mascara that you wash it off before going to sleep so you won't compromise the bond.

DON'T- Use products that contain oil in them around your eyes or wipe your eyelash extensions or around your eyes with Q-tips, wipes or cotton. Always use a lint free wand to clean your lash extensions.


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